Microsoft Arrow Launcher launcher updated to new version

Update to the 3.3 version of Arrow Launcher, a former Microsoft garage plan to foster the achievement, the practicability of the optimization on the calendar cards and calendar page for the new version, and new page in OverView mode.
Arrow Launcher is a Android desktop launcher that provides personalized customization settings that allow users to customize the application icons, the layout of the home page, and some Microsoft services.
Microsoft garage application Arrow Launcher 3.3 release: bring many new features

微软车库应用Arrow Launcher 3.3发布:带来诸多新功能
Arrow Launcher
Update contents of Arrow Launcher v3.3 version:
The Utility page supports multiple plug-in cards, and now you can add your favorite news, music, and weather cards on the Utility page;
Calendar calendar page optimization and capa;
Password support for hidden applications;
Navigate back to the right of page navigation;
Add new function page in OverView mode;
More applications can be stored in folders;
Automatically download wallpaper thumbnails;
Fix BUG and crash.

Android side Office Mobile application fully updated

Microsoft has launched a new Office Mobile app for the Android platform today, and the first country list includes mainland china.
It is reported that the new version of the Android end Office Mobile application is smaller, the integration of Word, Excel, PowerPoint office suite, and contains all the functions of three separate applications, the user can access, view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

New applications support cross platform synchronization, and when users use different devices to browse documents, edit or add notes quickly, all documents are formatted and content with the original document. It is also supported to share documents in PDF format.
Localization, the Chinese version of the document can be attached as a key to share mail and WeChat, QQ and other Chinese local social software.
Android version of Office Mobile China Version is currently through Microsoft China’s official website, HUAWEI application market, millet app store, Tencent application treasure and Baidu mobile assistant to promote.

Windows 10 will add power conditioning capabilities for the background task

Microsoft has promised to add the background task power conditioning feature for Windows 10, which is now being put into Windows 10, Redstone 3, or at the end of the year to meet users.
Microsoft today releases the latest version of Windows 10 Redstone 3, which has added the power conditioning capabilities of the background task. This feature can reduce the access to CPU resources in the background task, and give priority to the application of the front desk.
The system also provides developers with the relevant API for better control so that users can adjust their application status individually by using battery settings.
Windows 10 Redstone 3 re introduces the “background task power conditioning” function

Windows 10 Redstone 3 重新引入“后台任务功耗调节”功能
Windows 10
However, this technology only supports Intel 6 generation Skylake or higher chips, temporarily unable to support the latest Ryzen AMD processor. Microsoft says it is working to support more processors.
Windows 10, Redstone 3 is expected to be released by the end of this year, which is another big update after the creator’s update. Redstone 4 is also on the agenda and is scheduled to be released next spring.

The Google Play store has cancelled this week’s free apps section

The app store like App Store and Google Play are often limited to provide free apps and games, but the contents are not free in the shop to remind you of our free “, but Google Play just a month ago in this function. But the good times don’t last long.
One month ago, Google’s Google Play store added a “free app this week” section, which will be displayed in the block by the editor’s recommendation, which will allow users to download.
However, the first two days, this section has disappeared, Google officials did not explain this. There is news that the section is still in beta and is still being evaluated and is not sure whether it will eventually be launched.
Google quietly removed Play mall this week for free apps
Google Play
Generally speaking, users obtain limited access information is usually collected from third party websites, and if the store can display the restriction itself, it will be very convenient.
In addition, Google Play client also has a small update, now in my application, you can directly open the installed application, although it is a minor improvement, but finally had.


Microsoft blocked 7 generation core Win7 update mechanism has been cracked

Just last week, Microsoft sent a pop-up notification to users of Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 on a new generation of hardware platforms, warning that they would not be able to access the system’s subsequent security updates. But it was not long before the method was still broken by the great folk gods.
According to the description of Microsoft, a new hardware platform including 7 generation core, 200 series chipset, Ryzen and snapdragon 820/835, Windows 10 is not supported by the following system, if you continue on these platforms using Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1, will not receive any security updates.
However, Github has a great God found a crack method, a ID for the “zeffy” users said that the source of this mechanism is KB4012218 patches. So he wrote a script to limit the triggering of the relevant mechanism, and called the test success under Windows 8.1.
Microsoft blocked Kaby Lake and Ryzen platform user’s Windows 7/8.1 system update

微软封堵Kaby Lake与Ryzen平台用户的Windows 7/8.1系统更新
Related popups
Of course, we can also imagine that Microsoft may soon plug this loophole and allow the restriction mechanism to continue to work. In any case, Microsoft is pushing Windows 10 on the new hardware platform.
However, it is hard to say whether such an approach will cause legal problems for Microsoft, because Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 are still in the life cycle, and failing to provide promised security updates may violate the agreement.

The WeChat public number can now add WeChat applets

The WeChat small program at Tencent has added a public number function this time. Each public number can be associated with 3 small programs with different subjects, according to the regulations.
After the associated public number, the user can call the associated applet in the public’s custom menu, template message, and other scenes to facilitate the direct application of a specific function in the appropriate scene.
This function requires the public operator to manually open the public platform, after the “public number settings – related small procedures” associated with small programs.
WeChat small program adds new capabilities, a small program can be associated with 3 public numbers
Rule of public relation small program:
1. public numbers can be associated with 3 small programs of different subjects;
2. public numbers may be associated with 10 small programs of the same subject;
3. the same small program can be associated with up to 3 public numbers;
4. ability to open up related small programs to all public numbers.

微信小程序再添新能力 一个小程序可关联3个公众号

Google cloud voice recognition service now supports Cantonese

Google recently launched Cloud Speech API (cloud recognition services), the service is committed to the global language recognition into text.
It is reported that Google’s cloud voice recognition service uses the same speech recognition technology as Google, Now, Google search and Google Assistant voice assistant. It has been able to recognize more than 80 languages worldwide.
It also includes Chinese, and what’s more interesting is that you can also recognize Cantonese and translate it into chinese. In terms of text, the text can be converted into simplified Chinese or traditional chinese.
Google cloud voice recognition services on-line: Cantonese can also direct text

Google translator
In the latest version, the Cloud Speech API has supported WAV, Opus, and Speex file formats, and has improved considerably in terms of accuracy and speed in translating long sentences.
In the future, we are not using a keyboard or handwriting input into the completed by voice translation and text entry is no longer a fantasy, at present still need to address the context, the recognition rate of the control, as well as the application of the convenience of the problem.

The new version of Alipay to remove the record or give up social life

Alipay today released a new version of the client update, the new version will have “record my life” seems to be removed completely give up in the field of social cues.
In the new version, originally located in the center of the first screen “record my life” section disappeared, this is one for the users to publish dynamic functions, social elements belonging to Alipay has always wanted to build. But now it seems that Alipay in the field of social development is not smooth, and may give up social.
Instead, “recording my life” is an application area that can be edited and expanded, extending the default 7 features of the previous first screen to 11, and users can fix more common modules into this block.
In addition, this time Alipay update package card on the first screen head “was expanded, merchant membership cards, coupons, movie tickets, tickets and all kinds of documents are divided into” ticket card coupons “four categories, and the integration of online and offline membership in the end of this year, to strengthen the application of the online retail sector.
There is news that the future Alipay will follow a small version of the iterative optimization method, no revision of the big face, let the user habits to maintain a certain stability.

Digital version of the game is far more than the physical retail store or die out

With the popularity and development of the network, the game industry is also evolving to digital. Recently, a report shows that digital game sales have been far more than the actual sales.
The gaming industry trade group issued the “report” the basic facts of computer video game industry in the annual report in 2016 before the development of American electronic game industry for a year.
Data show that in 2016, video games contributed $11 billion 700 million to the United States, and GDP provided 66 thousand jobs. At the same time, the data also show that in 2016, digital video game sales accounted for 74%, while the physical sales of only 26%.
Here we can clearly see the digital version of the game and the physical version of the number of changes in sales, and now the digital version of the game has become the absolute force of game sales.
Video game retail stores will disappear in 2020
Digital version and solid version go up
The report also predicts that the physical retail store of video games may die in 2020, in fact, GameStop, the world’s largest gaming retailer, has closed 200 chains.


What do we think of the blackmail virus WannaCry?

Extortion virus WannaCry in a recent sharp trend throughout the world, many organizations and enterprises have been seriously affected, including Chinese also exposed a number of domestic companies or agencies related problems, even in the oil has more than 20 thousand gas station attack.
Where the hell is this ransomware WannaCry? Why can so brazenly trouble all over the world? Who else is to blame for this? Finally, what lessons can we learn from this massive viral attack? What kind of thinking do you think?
What do we think of the blackmail virus WannaCry?

Extortion virus sweeping the world
All this from the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) said, the first U.S. National Security Bureau national security needs in the name of a hacker toolkit “eternal blue” development, the hacker toolkit’s role is to assist the NSA work, what is the specific work we know everything, I will not elaborate on the.
“The use of tools includes a plurality of holes in Windows eternal blue”, as long as the Windows server opened one of the 25, 88, 139, 445 and 3389 ports, is likely to be hacked into, in order to assist NSA when necessary to obtain useful information.
But to my death, the NSA hacking kit was stolen one day…… The toolkit that falls into the hands of hackers will not be used for charity, and will naturally be used to extort money.
Because of related vulnerabilities, NSA has not reported to Microsoft, so until March of this year, Microsoft began to push all relevant security patches to all versions of Windows platform, but it was too late. The virus has been worm spread over the Internet through 445 ports, and a new variant has caused more than 200 thousand PC poisoning in more than 150 countries.
What do we think of the blackmail virus WannaCry?
NSA completely played off
The infected PC, important documents will be encrypted and delete the original file, ransomware will obtain quota bitcoin to PC owners as a reward, otherwise these encrypted files will no longer open (even if the use of the earth stress calculation of the strongest computer to decrypt the need for thousands of years).
The above is blackmail virus WannaCry in this virus can be said that the recent antecedents and consequences, is a hot topic on the Internet, a variety of scripts also began to emerge in an endless stream. But when we consume to deconstruct the news, have we ever thought about what WannaCry has given us? That’s what we really need to discuss.

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